Psalms to be posted soon!

In 2007, a colleague of mine at the Catholic school where we teach helped me start a major project. We decided to take our students on a journey . . . through the Psalms! Many of our students had no idea what the Psalms were about, how many Psalms were in the Bible, who wrote the Psalms, etc. We also provided them with (basic) religious commentary for each Psalm.

We made the decision early on that we wanted the Psalms to be the ones that our students hear at Mass. However, a problem we ran into had to do with the fact that the USCCB website only allows people to see a few weeks of Mass Psalms at any given time. After a few weeks, the Psalms disappear, and we can no longer access them. My friend wrote to the USCCB about this in early December, 2008. Here is the response he received:

Keeping multiple months online simultaneously would make things confusing to find and overwhelm server capacity.

Mary Elizabeth Sperry

However, I think I have found a way to help my students AND the USCCB, in a way that will not overwhelm their server capacity. Stay tuned!


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